Python Snake removed during Car Inspection!

Thanks goodness we are not in a Warm climate here in portland, that has a lot of snakes, because this is one of those moments where we would run the opposite way if someone called us for a Car inspection and we found a SNAKE in the CAR like this inspector did! According to Channel News Asia Singapore,  a car owner brought their vehicle in for an Inspection at an STA Inspection Centre told the car inspectors that she had seen the Head of a Snake lodged in the Wheel well of the vehicle.

Python Found under vehicle During Car inspection

You can imagine what was going through the car inspectors head as they slide under the vehicle and pulled out a 1.5 Meter (5ft) Python Snake! We would’ve been horrified! But if you watch in the video, the inspector/s handle the snake very carefully to not endure any bites or problems from the snake. It took 2 people to pull the snake out from under the vehicle and moved to a holding bag that was ready.

From the looks of it though, no snakes were harmed in the process and according to the ACRES’ Wildlife Rescue Centre director, Anbarasi Boopal, this type of snake was common in the region and mainly feed on rats. She also said that “When we try to approach (snakes), they will try to move away and hide. In five minutes or so we caught the python. We didn’t want the python to go (further) under the car – then it would be very difficult to rescue the python,” and according to her, “It is possible that the python might have just come up from one of the drains, then went into hiding until the place is clear for them to come out.”

I’m sure you can imagine the terror that the owner of the vehicle went through knowing that there is a snake very close to the interior of her vehicle. Good thing they took the vehicle to an inspection station to get the snake properly removed, or this could’ve ended up as another movie Plot – “Snakes in a Car”!

If you or anyone you know has issues with rodents or debris lodged up in their vehicle, give us a call and we’ll help you sort the issues out. We don’t expect to see any snakes in the Portland area within you vehicle, but you wouldn’t be surprised what we’ve found in cars when inspecting them!

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