List of Automakers with Highest Lemon’s – Get a Inspection if you buy any of Brands of Cars!

Today we’re bringing you a list of car manufacturers with the Highest rate of Lemon Law cars, per This list isn’t really a show of actual Lemons reported by manufacturers, but more from a consumer standpoint. This survey and information from below came from’s forum members (which are over 500 forums now) using some intelligent software that finds certain keywords and have been compiled into a nice to ready image below.

Some of the manufacturers in the list wont surprise you, as many of these are household names and their used car values will stand by them – as we’ve seen from inspecting these type of cars on our pre-purchase inspection trips.

Toyota takes the Cherry

Not surpising to us, or anyone who has been in the car business for a while, Toyota takes the top position for having the most reliable and enduring vehicles of them all. They are known for having the least about of Lemons sitting in at 1 per every 11,655,566 toyota’s produced end up a LEMON! That’s probably the most ridiculous ratio we’ve seen. EVER. Toyota manufacturers their vehicles so well, not even the next best car manufacturer comes close to their Lemon rate.

Fiat takes Last Place

Fiat on the other hand takes last place in this survey – scraping the bottom of the barrel with 1 Lemon per 76,808 cars sold. Comparing this number to Toyota, you can imagine how often a lemon pops up considering the amount of people buying cars daily in the USA and throughout the world. Cadillac isn’t to far behind Fiat which is then trailed by Porsche and Jeep, which doesn’t surprise us, as Jeep has been known to totally ignore complaints of their customers vehicles.

As you can see below, the chart shows how many Vehicles are produced per 1 Lemon. To get a better understanding of the chart, Toyota has a lemon ratio of 1:11,655,566 – or 1 out of every 11,655,566 is a lemon – not bad at all if you ask us!

list of car manufacturer with most lemons

How this List is Compiled?

This list was put together from AutoGuide Group’s vast network of automotive forums that span over 500 sites, with over 17.6 million registered members averaging roughly 235 Million pageviews a month! This was the first Lemon List that put together from vehicles throughout North America ranging from 2010 models and up, which include complaints that were dated between January 1st, 2015 through December 31st, 2015.

According to Colum Wood, who is the VP of Content at Verticlascope Inc., “By normalizing the data based on overall vehicle production statistics, we believe we’re giving more reliable statistics, This formula helps to give some real-world relevance to the numbers and makes sure that higher volume brands, which are statistically more likely to have more reported lemons, aren’t penalized. Less critical are the actual numbers, and more important is the ranking.”

This list is yet another reason to get a car inspection before buying a late model vehicle that is within 5 yrs of the latest model out. We believe that no car is perfect and we recommend everyone do their diligence before purchasing a car. For the small cost of a pre-purchase car inspection, it’ll definitely give you the added peace of mind that your not buying a potential Lemon.

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