Inspecting Car Window Tint Percentage can Save you a Ticket

Automotive tint on Vehicles can be a very nice feature if you want to keep some privacy in your vehicle while driving or at a stop light. We suggest though, if you decide to buy a Car, to first get the Vehicle Inspected to ensure that the tint isn’t to dark, as Oregon has become a bit stricter than other states when it comes to window tint limits

Visible Light transmittance (orVLT%) is the percentage that declares how transparent the tinting film is on the vehicle. By law, you are required to carry a certificate that shows the percentage of tint you have installed on your windows. If you get pulled over, you can then show the Officer what VLT percentage your windows are tinted too and walk away without any issues or traffic tickets.

Oregon law dictates that the VLT% is 35% or higher in order to pass as legal. Many police officers will carry a tint meter to test your windows right on the spot if they decide to pull you over, and if you are found with tint that is 35% or Lower VLT, you will be fined.


Tint colors such as Green, Amber (orange) or Green are also illegal as well as how reflective the tint can be, which is set at 13% reflective. Essentially, they dont want you to drive around town with Mirrors stuck to your windows and blind people if the sun hits the window at the right angle.

At the 35% VLT threshold, you still have the necessary protection from the Sun and UV rays, along with the privacy and look that many people want on their vehicles. If you are purchasing a Car that doesn’t have a Certificate of VLT, make sure you get a Pre-Purchase Inspection and ask your Car inspector if the windows are above the threshold. The last thing you want is to get a ticket the instant you drive the car away from the previous seller.

Window Tint percentages


Traffic tickets for Tinted windows can be up to $350 if found in violation of the law. Dont’ wait to find out if your car windows are tinted to low, it might be too late already. Its only a matter of time until you get pulled over for heavily tinted windows – Get your car Inspected before or After you buy it in order to get the tint VLT% and fix the issue if they are to dark.

Find out more info about Oregon Window Tint laws from website.

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